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Moving House!

Well, it's happened. Over the past four-ish months, things have been very busy around here. My son and I have relocated to our new home, merging families with my fiancé and her daughter. A process that has been so incredibly wonderful, sad, exciting, scary, fulfilling, and absolutely exhausting!

I've packed our whole lives, around 150 Tarot decks, an altar + a record player into boxes. Grabbed the dog and cat, and relocated around four hours away from my hometown. Moving away from "home" isn't something that is new to me, I have moved away on two other occasions in my life [and moved back]. But, I was younger then and there wasn't a small human I am responsible for raising coming along for the ride. There's a lot to consider, a lot to feel and process; for everyone involved. And, well, aside from all of that, as someone that is heavily entwined in spiritual practice, there's a lot of energetic change that comes along for that ride too.

My Altar has been packed up into boxes

... along with Tarot cards, candles, crystals, herbs and all my magical treasures. And while you don't need things in order to feel connected spiritually. For me, it really helps to keep that connection and, in a lot of ways, it keeps my energy grounded.

I am so incredibly ready to have my spiritual "tools" and objects out of boxes and back in my hands. I'm longing to mix with herbs, old jars, parchment and candlelight. It's so incredibly apart of who I am; and feeling like there's a part of you tucked away in a box, well, it's not the greatest feeling. So, while there's already so much change and excitement stirring in the air, with this move. There is still a little anxiousness, a little longing, and a little holding out until everything is "just right" to get back into readings & connecting with all of you on this platform [and the others].

My ears can already hear you saying to yourself, "Well, Shan. Get that stuff out of the box & get your ass to work." Yes, well, these things take a little time. After breaking down wards at my previous home, there's new wards to implement here. There's things to shuffle and more important unpacking to do. Pair that with the fact that the room where all these treasured items will live, well, it isn't ready yet. You see, my future wife - oh, yes, I am also now engaged to an incredible woman who has brought so much happiness into my life [a LOT has happened since we last checked in]. My future wife has a room being built on the side of our house that will become the very lair for these items and our sacred space. But, she's not yet quite finished. There's a little more work to do out there, so we're looking at a few more weeks before it will ready to move things in and be completely set up.

I'm excited for how this room will look and how amazing it will be to have a dedicated area to practice & work. My imagination is running wild with all the ways this space will look and feel. When, in reality, it will no-doubt look exactly as it needs to. I've some amazing pieces of vintage furniture to go in there to house my goodies. Putting everything together is going to be an incredible experience. You may notice that I am a little excited for that.

Connecting with the land and earth in this new environment

The place we have moved is pure heaven. When I tell you, I feel I've dreamed about these mountains, the lush emerald green of the growth, the pine trees in the front yard. I know for sure that I've dreamt of my future wife, so it would make sense that the place their spirit resides would be collateral in that.

The earth is lush and vibrant, it sings to you in ways that are so naturally comforting. Unlike the cars driving by, or the sounds of the neighbourhood, that had their own beauty and become familiar sounds you long for when you're away. This place sparkles in ways that are so much more still. Right now, between the buttons being mashed on the keyboard as I type this, there are cicadas in the yard outside the window. It's raining and you can near hear every single drop as it lands on the grass. Birds chirp in the distance & are met with the sounds of tree branches rustling in the breeze. On top of the sounds, are the sights. We are surrounded by several large, forested hilltops. Everything is so emerald green, so lush with vegetation. Our neighbours have yards full of growth and produce, with the occasional rusty old Ute or run-down tin shed. For the most, everything is shining through at a level of abundance that calls for you to pause and just look at it. To appreciate the beauty of it. Walking outside of a morning to take the kids to school, met with the face of mountains & overwhelmed with nature, as opposed to buildings, roads and endless concrete - to come here and get to experience that each day...

It is absolute Australian magic! Here, take a look:

So - that's where I have been over the last few months

I will be getting back into posting more and connecting here, and on social media, but it will be slow and gradual for a little while longer. Life needs to recalibrate where we are now and there's still work to be done.

I have plans to post more of my spiritual practices, more content that showcases more of who I am. Tarot will always be a key aspect of what I share, being a passion of mine. It will be good to get back to connecting like that again. It feels good and makes me happy to connect with people spiritually, through readings or otherwise. I look forward to reconnecting in a lot of magical ways this year.

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