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  • Do I have to be present at the time of my reading?
    It depends on your booking. If your booking was the 'LIVE' reading, then you will need to be present at the time of the booking. Shannon will make contact with you in reguards to this, or you may reach her directly at: For all other readings, these are conducted via distance and you are not required to be present.
  • Why should I send through a lot of questions & information, aren't you the psychic?"
    Well, yes, of course! Although, psychics aren't mind-readers and sometimes the too get confused. Sending through a lot of information and questions purely helps to ensure that you are receiving the absolute most out of your time working with Shannon. If you are seeking a reading where all of the messages are just your reader putting together energies and pieces of your situation, then that is great and little information is needed. However, if you want to walk away from your session with answers that will truly help you in moving forward positively; then don't hesitate to provide Shannon with exactly your questions and/or area you are seeking guidance on. This removes the piecing together of energy and will allow Shannon to directly connect with your energy and situation - leaving you with a beautiful and helpful reading.
  • I can't see what I am after, do you do customised readings?"
    My aim is to help you in the best way possible. If you don't see what you would like, then the least you can do is reach out to Shannon and let her know what you might be looking for: Although this isn't an guarantee, Shannon will always customise her sessions wherever possible.
  • When will my reading be returned?
    For any readings outside of real-time [PDF / Audio File Readings], these are delivered no later than 48 hours after your booking time. However, these will also be delivered asap, so keep an eye out before/on your booking time/date too. Note: Always check your junk/spam folders if nothing has landed within that 48hour period. Often these emails are flagged due to containing links. If you have received nothing & are at all concerned, then please don't hesitate to email or
  • I don't live in Australia, can I still get a reading?
    Yes, of course! Our readings are designed to be flexible. Our booking times are designed to show you when we are available in your time zone. If there isn't a time that suits you best, then perhaps a reading that is delivered as an AUDIO FILE will be your best option? You can select this on our BOOK ONLINE page.
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