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Leo Full Moon Tarot Spread

  1. How have I showed up for myself this last month?

  2. What risk have I taken that put me in charge of my outcomes?

  3. Where am I seeking validation in my life right now?

Loves a full moon

My fiancé and I were driving home late last night from a weekend away & we made a turn north & this huge orange-tinted glowing orb broke between the tree-line. The moon glowed on before us and truly was breath-taking.

I took out my phone in an attempt to capture its beauty & post it to my Instagram account. But, of course, my iPhone in that moment reverted itself back to 2001 & the visual glowing orb we could see in reality, quickly became an underwhelming speck on the iPhone screen.

Still, it forced me to pause and savour the beauty of it. Just as it was.

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