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General Reading Tarot Spread for Clients and yourself

general reading tarot spread for clients

When opting for a reading it can sometimes be a little tricky to navigate the best questions to ask.

What do you start with?

What did you want to look at most?

Sometimes this is crystal clear and other times it's a little overwhelming to pin down. It's why I have adapted the General Reading Tarot Spread for clients and myself; for those times when there's a need to look over all areas.

Pulling individual questions can be a great mechanism for structuring a personal or professional reading. But when yourself or your client is unclear on what they specifically want to cover, this spread can cover all bases.

It's broad enough to allow for easy adaption. Meaning that you can add to areas, change sections to specific questions or even omit where areas perhaps aren't needed.

The tarot spread for clients is as follows:

S - Signifier card

This card is chosen from the Tarot cards to reflect the energy of whom the reading is about. Be it yourself or your client.

  1. Present Self

  2. Money Matters

  3. Mental Dialogue

  4. Home, Family

  5. Creativity, Children

  6. Job, Health

  7. Love, Romance

  8. Changes

  9. Thoughts

  10. Career

  11. Allies [or Connections]

  12. Losses [or Struggles]

Tarot Reading Technique

This reading allows for so much flexibility. You can choose to pull as many cards for each of the areas as you prefer, adapt in any ways you choose, and provide yourself and/or your clients with a really well covered reading.

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