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Spiritual Burnout: why I pulled back from my spiritual business

Shannon is a #tarotreader, #energyhealer, Creator, Blogger, Tarot Course instructor and Universal free-thinker. When she's not working the 9-5, she's craving the reconnect with her passion and first guessed it, Tarot.

Well, enough of the third person perspective. It's been some months since I have posted on the blog or engaged with my social media. The hours in the day seem to have shortened and my focus for a while has shifted to that of a more corporate lifestyle.

In the previous four years up until this present moment, I have invested much time, energy and love into my spiritual business, and business ventures and collaborations that have extended out from that beginning. I've had the absolute pleasure of transforming my lessons and experiences into positive teachings, empowerment [as much as thy ego is in dis-vibe with that word], lessons and experiences for so many of you. Through readings, teachings and everything in between; it's been a blast!

To be fair, the hours spent on this have been endless. And while all that has been tremendously fulfilling, I found that I had reached a point of absolute exhaustion and spiritual burnout. And, up until this time in my experience, I had truly thought that expression to just be a new-age buzzword designed to throw some glitter on the fact that we'd become knackered! Because, it's too taboo to admit you're rooted, right? And not the grounded kind...the straight-up buggered kind.

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tarot cards splayed across covered with a gentle white flower

Belief and reality

At least, that was what I had grown to believe. My reality had become so conflicted and existential to my beliefs, that I'd disallowed myself to feel anything perceived as negative...which, truly wasn't negative at all...but a true feeling and emotion. I was tired, un-motivated, pushed to the limit. The countless hours had become monotonous and the very practices I had loved and adored so much, had become tethered remnants of what they once were.

I remember having an out-of-body when I watched a clip doing and sharing the very thing I loved so much, and I looked absolutely like I didn't want to be there. Tired, haggard, over-it was written all over my face. So, I made the difficult but necessary decision to pull back my energy. You know, the very thing you absolutely cannot do when running a spiritual business. Well, any business for that matter.

Not your average business model

"You do know, if you stop doing this you will loose all momentum, right?" - "You're so insecure" - "You just need to keep going and push through it."

Those were just some of the more negative messages I received when I accepted that moving forward as I had been wasn't working for me now. And, while there was also a TON of positive support, a lot of the above came from those I was working with within my business and spiritual community. It was 100% the validation that was needed to know that my choice to pull back was the right choice. Sure, I was letting a lot of people down; I was relinquishing hours of energy, time, work. But, it needed to be done. My spirit had become absolutely defeated. There was no energy for Tarot, readings, mediumship, meditation...all the things I absolutely loved and adored, I could no longer muster energy for. And the community that was aligning with the space that had been created, was no longer the space for me.

Realigning with passion and belief

For the first time in a long time, pushing through something that felt so wrong to do; suddenly felt so absolutely freeing! The fears became reality and it was quickly realised that there was nothing to fear, that the tough choice was the right choice.

You see, when first deciding the begin a "spiritual business" I'd done so with the intention of connecting with people, expanding on a love for Tarot and perhaps creating a business that was successful in the process. Because, you know, life and such. But, I never wanted to replace my desire for connection and love of Tarot/Mediumship and sharing knowledge to be foreshadowed by the entrepreneurial nature of business. To me, in doing so would so strongly conflict with the entire point of a spiritual business.

That's not to say that transitioning a spiritual business into a lucrative one is wrong and shouldn't be the goal

That's not to say that transitioning a spiritual business into a lucrative one is wrong and shouldn't be the goal. It just wasn't ever mine. The irony of being at the peak of that and realising that things just weren't aligning hindsight, annoying. But, in the thick of things it was another factor that played into the need to make a tough decision.

So, she did the thing and pulled the breaks on what was needed to overcome the tower-moment. She pulled back the energy, lost and lucked out, but gained so much for herself. The Universe will always give you what you're seeking, when you seek with truth; and that's what was happening. My reality was manifesting every single damn thing that was desired...but the vibes were just way off! It didn't feel good. It felt like the joker was smiling with one hand holding the platter and the other on the red button, just waiting for the moment to tip the scales. And, there's nothing freeing or uplifting about that.

Getting the passion back

So, the tough decision was made and everything was put on a back-burner. It should be said too, that during this time you'd best believe I was reaching into the witchy-toolbox for guidance and insight. Everything was pointing to this decision...everything! The compass didn't stop spinning until the moment the choice was made to put an end to the momentum.

Over the past few months I've been restoring that energy and focus back within. Getting to reconnect with what resonates and building back those bricks to a place that feels much more like home. I don't want to stop reading and have cherished every one of you that continue to book-in with me, new and treasured, while my offerings have been limited. This has simply just allowed for my soul to get itself back into position with what/where it needs to be. I'm off the track and out of the race, and it is beyond liberating.

What is next?

That isn't to say that I wont be offering new and exciting things in the future...but they will come at a much more relaxed pace. There's no hunger to post or engage out of need or necessity to be seen. Things have returned to a gentle state and flow. Just as they should be, for me. Much more aligned and purposeful; much more genuine and true to the intentions of this space.

Bookings are open, they're just limited to a few slots over the weekend. They will be opening up to allow for a 1-1 or call-through reading; but as most of my clients are located at distance, that option will always remain.

There's a lot of new on the horizon as I've spent this time away to dive deeper into Tarot study and Mediumship development; and I want to share all I've learned with you. An enlightened path isn't ever one that remains a-glow; there's always room for growth, to learn and expand. At a slow and steady pace, and if you're at all interested to come along for the ride?


As you've now read and caught up [hat's off to you for making it this far. Should we do a unicorn emoji post on the 'gram if you're still here?] - now you're all caught-up, you know that I've been MIA due to burnout and just needing to realign things around here. Needing to ensure that my ethics were truly meshed with this business and why this all started in the first place. A lesson for us all to pay attention to ourselves and trust the uphill when we're signalled to listen.

Our emotions truly are our spiritual sensors for which is the best direction to take.

Thank you for being here, for allowing me to be a conduit in your life, and for getting to share these experiences together. My soul adores the Tarot, Mediumship, spiritual development and truly gets an abundant kick out of sharing that information with all many varied ways. My readings are a facilitator for being able to do so freely and I hope it stays that way.

- Shan


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