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The Fool

I believe that the Tarot grows and changes with you, as you grow/change and absorb new experiences. Much like The Fool, I move forward with gleeful abandon at the idea of completing this undertaking. Each post will contain the A.E Waite Tarot information, along with my own take on the card. These are merely musings, and I imagine they will be updated from time-to-time. Take from these meanings what you will, knowing that my personal belief is that your own intuitive nudges and impressions of meaning will always be the most valid, accurate and synchronised for you.

Download: Pictorial Key to the Tarot, A.E Waite (1911). [Credit, SacredTexts. Via Benebell Wen].

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Beginnings, freedom, adventure, spontaneity, taking a chance, new cycle, fearlessness, acting a fool/foolish


"I confidently leap towards the unknown with excitement and optimism."


Good Things - Wafia

Fool's Gold - Jack River

Send Me On My Way - Rusted Root

My Reflections:

Lately, whenever I am greeted with #thefool, I am often met with the phrase, "Life is too short". Now, off the top of my head I am unaware of where that term originated or the relevance its meaning may share with our beloved Fool. But, the energy always seems to feel right. Gleefully trotting closer towards the cliff face, you're all to aware that the next step may have tremendous repercussions. Although the joyful essence of our fool and his ever-doting pooch, seem to remove the cause for concern - throwing that awareness & caution instead, to the wind.

The Fool is never foolish, or without experience.

While they're perhaps at the precipice of the next leg of their journey, they're not without the tools or learning needed to see that journey through. The reminder we need to let go & allow the Universe to guide us in through the doorway of our next chapter.

Note their embellished tote. A container of resources to be revealed and used as needed along the way. Like the journeyed traveller, only securing and taking with them what they need. For me, the fool is stripped back to their roots and reminded of why they began their adventure to begin with.

The clothing adorned by the fool is that of luxury, possibly even privilege. Yet they've perhaps turned away from something secure in-order to find the fulfilment of joy their heart longs for. Note the sun above them, shining brightly & guiding them also with warmth, comfort and the light.

“Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn’t try it on.” - Billy Connolly

It's perhaps unclear what the next stages will entail, yet The Fool does not let that falter their initiation. They're wise enough to know that, right now, all they need do is trust.

AE Waite

With light step, as if earth and its trammels had little power to restrain him, a young man in gorgeous vestments pauses at the brink of a precipice among the great heights of the world; he surveys the blue distance before him-its expanse of sky rather than the prospect below. His act of eager walking is still indicated, though he is stationary at the given moment; his dog is still bounding. The edge which opens on the depth has no terror; it is as if angels were waiting to uphold him, if it came about that he leaped from the height. His countenance is full of intelligence and expectant dream. He has a rose in one hand and in the other a costly wand, from which depends over his right shoulder a wallet curiously embroidered. He is a prince of the other world on his travels through this one-all amidst the morning glory, in the keen air. The sun, which shines behind him, knows whence he came, whither he is going, and how he will return by another path after many days. He is the spirit in search of experience. Many symbols of the Instituted Mysteries are summarized in this card, which reverses, under high warrants, all the confusions that have preceded it. In his Manual of Cartomancy, Grand Orient has a curious suggestion of the office of Mystic Fool, as apart of his process in higher divination; but it might call for more than ordinary gifts to put it into operation. We shall see how the card fares according to the common arts of fortune-telling, and it will be an example, to those who can discern, of the fact, otherwise so evident, that the Trumps Major had no place originally in the arts of psychic gambling, when cards are used as the counters and pretexts. Of the circumstances under which this art arose we know, however, very little. The conventional explanations say that the Fool signifies the flesh, the sensitive life, and by a peculiar satire its subsidiary name was at one time the alchemist, as depicting folly at the most insensate stage.


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