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Moon Sprites Oracle Deck - Creator Interview

Hi, I'm Sandra, an artist and graphic designer from Montreal! I strive to make the world beautiful, spark joy and empower modern witches and anyone wanting to awaken their inner magick :)

Deck Story

Greetings Internet Traveller! By the good fortune of the road, you have stumbled upon the Moon Sprites Oracle deck. In front of you stands the magnificent tree of life with its golden shine in the darkened night sky. Forty five images riddled with magical fascination will show you a glimpse of your life to come, help soothe your daily woes and inspire you to contemplate your innermost self.

• Share a little about yourself

Where do you rest your head at night?

Hi! My name is Sandra and I'm an artist from Montreal who's always been a lover of fantasy, old legends and magical things. As a teenager, I discovered modern witchcraft and started dabbling into the occult arts. Being a very creative person, I've probably always known in the back of my mind that I would one day create my own oracle cards to combine the magical fantasy world I love so much with the more practical playing cards reading and the ancestral tarot system.

• What was your first ever Tarot deck and how did you come to own/use it?

I used to read standard playing cards but my first real tarot deck was the Paulina Tarot. I just saw a picture of it on someone's post and had to get it. Technically, I did technically own another one that was gifted to me first but I never really connected with it so I wasn't using it.

• Why Tarot/Oracle?

What about this modality calls to you most?

I've always been interested in various forms of divination and still practice many others besides tarot or oracles. Being an artist myself, I connect with cards in a special way because of the artwork. I see an illustration as a piece of an artist's soul and feel even more connected to it.

• What is/was your most recent Tarot/Oracle project?

My current project is the Moon Sprites Oracle. It is a unique and colourful deck inspired by fantasy and magick.

• Tell us about the cards: the technical and specifics?

The Moon Sprites Oracle deck has 45 unique cards that were all hand painted by myself and comes with a beautiful full-color booklet in a two-piece box with thumb cuts. Each card took about 10-20 hours to paint and has a symbolic meaning. I chose to paint mainly well-known creatures or objects so that it would be very intuitive. Inspired by my playing cards reading days, I also used numerology and added a personality representation to many of them on top of that. Each card is also associated with one of the 4 elements and could also be used to represent specific people based on their zodiac sign.

• What decisions were made when deciding upon the aesthetic and design for your deck?

I founded Moon Sprites about 2 years ago and already have a very specific aesthetic that I am known for so the style of my deck was easy to come up with :)

• What message do you hope your deck will convey to its audience?

My hope is that my deck will inspire people to slow down and take care of themselves. Reading cards can be a whole experience that allows you to connect with every part of yourself, even the ones that you usually leave in the shadows. It can be empowering and a little scary but embracing who you are completely is also the most freeing gift you can give yourself!

• How can people find you and your deck?

I am currently running a Kickstarter campaign (it ends on April 30th). The deck will also be available to pre-order at regular price on my website a few weeks after the campaign ends.

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