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Stay or Go Tarot Reading

A Breakup Reading

  • 1 hour
  • From 80 Australian dollars
  • Emailed PDF

Service Description

Breakups are loves truest tests, and no two are ever alike. Choosing what's best for yourself during a breakup can be really tough to navigate. It's like walking away from your home, with no belongings and no map for where you're headed. That decision can be really difficult to make, or even question. This spread is designed to give insight into those tougher questions. Perhaps you can't turn to someone for advice, for whatever reasons; this spread can help in those times of confusion. The spread is detailed below: 1. Why are you toying with the feelings of staying or leaving? 2. Is this a question of someone having broken trust, or has someone in the relationship done something unfixable? 3. How can you manage a resolution together? 4. What issues may carry over? 5. How can you work on the issues together? 6. Will both parties commit to a resolve? 7. What lessons will you take away from the relationship? 8. The best decision for yourself. For this reading I have a look at the messages connected for you. Your reading is returned as a a detailed PDF including cards/spread within 48hrs after your booking time & you're not required to be present at the time of the reading. Note: If you're wanting a more in-depth reading, or a 1:1 service, then please do take a look at the other services on offer. Shannon also doesn't provide readings specific to medical/legal/heath or Pregnancy.

Contact Details

Services operate towards a global client base. Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia

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