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Hard-Hitting Tarot Spread

When you need answers! Delivered as a PDF 48hrs after booking.

  • 1 hour
  • 85 Australian dollars
  • An Emailed PDF

Service Description

This reading isn't the reading you want, when you want to be guided gently. Sometimes you want, or you NEED to just have the bare-bone facts. Perhaps you've been given the run-around, you've been feeling the need to ignore truths, or perhaps you have got yourself so caught-up in a repeated cycle that you just cannot see out of. This is the reading you get when you've had enough and just want the truth of it all. For this reading, the spread used answers the below questions: 1. What are you currently ignoring or overlooking 2. What are you truly hiding from 3. Why are you accepting the lies over the truth 4. What harm is this behaviour fostering 5. Why bringing this to surface is beneficial to breaking the cycle 6. What resolutions can be found in doing so 7. How this shift in focus will bring positive outcomes into my future This reading is delivered to your email address as a PDF within 48hrs after your booking time.

Contact Details

Services operate towards a global client base. Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia

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