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My Biggest Manifestation Tip!

Here is the biggest tip I have for you when it comes to manifestation. It's the base-line principle I use in ALL of my manifesting & has allowed me to reach a point in my life where I am constantly crossing achievements off the list.

Don't Manifest Money!

When manifesting, don't have your focus be on money! Why? Because money isn't the end result, it's merely the means to it. What you're really manifesting is the thing/purpose you have for wanting the money in the first place.

Money isn't a NEED, it's a how. How you get to the thing you actually WANT to manifest.

Focusing on the money, means you're skipping the important focus - the actual thing!

So what do I focus on?

Focus on what you WANT! The end goal. You want a car? Focus on the car, not the money! Money has zero substance, it's a tool and doesn't equate to HOW your car will manifest. By focusing on the money, you're limiting the many different HOW's that car can arrive in your life.

- Given a car

- Winning a car

- Exchanging a car

- Gifted a car

- Buying a car [this should always be the least focused on]

If you're only focusing on the money, then you're limiting the ways the car can arrive within your reality.

Don't focus on the MONEY! Focus on the WHAT

You never NEED/WANT money, you want the result of what that acquisition could bring you. Eliminate that focus and align yourself with the true WANT - the THING and not a way you tell yourself is an option of achieving that result.

You want a new house? Focus on the house & not the HOW!

I promise you, when you realise this and open yourself to this process, your manifestations will grab their hair-scarf and come join the party!


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